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Comissions and special orders


ABA Cuprum is pleased to offer the patron the possibility to obtain an iconic work of their own specification. This might include an entirely new work or modifications to an existing item.

ABA Cuprum is especially looking for challenging commissions. One of the more challenging recent commissions is shown immediately below: Icon #55S The "Ostra Brama" Virgin of Vilnius which is 1 x 1.3 meters (3 x 4 feet) and is made with jewels, crystals, pearls, stones, gold, and silver! Of course your iconic work need not be quite as challenging...


For commissioning an entirely new icon, you would submit an image, typically of a painting. This would then be transmitted to the icon maker in Poland.

In your commission, you would need to specify such aspects as:

    * Which part of icon is painted and which has a metal cover
    * Style of painting if different than in supplied image
    * Extent of painting - just where holes in oklad cover are located, or the entire surface under the oklad cover (the latter for purposes that the cover would be removable)
    * Degree of bas relief
    * Which sections of metal cover should be silver, brass, or gold, or chromium
    * Style of border (e.g., as in #A55 Vilnius or #A65 Lichen or other suggested by ABA Cuprum)
    * Sections to be enamelled in which pattern using:
          o Relatively inexpensive Italian synthetic (Smalto Sintetico)
          o Relatively expensive Austrian glass enamel
    * Surface application of:
          o Crystals
          o Semi-precious stones
          o Amber
          o Pearls - regular shape (more expensive) or less regular (inexpensive)
          o Jewels

Based on your specifications, the icon maker would provide an estimate.

As a very rough estimate, a commissioned new icon would cost about twice that of one in the catalogue.


Modifying an existing icon would likely be less expensive than commissioning a totally new icon.

Modifications of icons #1-70 could include all the specifications listed above for new icons (e.g., gold, crystals, enamelling, painting style).


You might want to add a special dedication to the icon. Or perhaps the words would indicate ownership of the icon.

It is possible to do this by adding a plaque to the back of an icon.

The plaque would be fashioned in metal. A prototypical plaque is shown below (here added to the Virgin of Lichen icon)


(English Translation: Those who come to Her draw plenty from Her sources of love and care. From my heart I bless you. The Curator of Mary's Sanctuary in Lichen, Father Eugene Makulski, M.A.)


After your order is placed, ABA Cuprum will translate your image to a bas relief model.

An example of this can be seen to the bottom image to the left. In this case, the painting of the western-style Madonna has been translated into a carved model. The model is then used to fashion the iconic work.

The pictures demonstrate one of the project idea.

St. Damiano Cross. size - 67 x 90 cm 26.8 x 36''

Cover made as a clients order.  32x22x4cm

Saint Cristopher - 19 x 22 cm

Saint Lucas - The Evangelist

Special Commision - the - whole paint - icon of Saint Lucas - Evangelist - hand painted.

24 x 31 cm

The icon was made as a copy of the one which we can see in St. Florians' church in Czarnca where the polish  hetman Czarniecki was born. Originaly the icon comes from his field altar .

St. Paulus

We present you the next special order made by us. The big icon of Saint Paul - made from the photo provided by the client- our oil painting and frame design. 32x40cm.

St. Nicola di Bari

Another beautiful icon made as a special order. San Nicola Di Bari - in two different versions

this one 32x40cm.


St. Nicola di Bari

and the large one - 39x72cm


For more information go to section "NEW"

St Joseph

St Joseph icon made as an order to the client.

The icon made as a copy for the XXV coronation anniversary of the original painting from Rokitno


Christ the King

Christ the King icon - made as a special order


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