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Decorative promotional articles

ABA Cuprum can make decorative articles that will leave a lasting impression with customers, associates and employees.

The articles to the left are boxes with the logos or insignias of companies designed into the silver panel. The design surrounding the logo-insignia would be made according to your specification.

Type of lettering can be changed to be more visible, as in Box #D1, or less visible, as in Box #D2.

Boxes #D3 and #D4 shows how a logo (in this case "Ispo") can be integrated into a design.

For greater accent, design elements (e.g., company logo) can be coated in 24 karat gold, as in box #D4, ... or in enamel, as seen with the blue reservoirs of boxes #D1 and #D2.

ABA Cuprum can accommodate your ideas for other promotional articles. Please Contact ABA Cuprum. Thank you.

D1 Decorative Promotional Box

D2 Decorative Promotional Box

D3 Decorative Promotional Box

D4 Decorative Promotional Box "Ispo"
Size: 14 cm (5.5 in) diameter, 7 cm (2.8 in) high


Top list

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